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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Craft Barn Calender Challenge, all twelve pages

What a lovely twelve weeks the Craft Barn Challenges were, I thoroughly enjoyed completing the twelve pages and look forward to more challenges in 2013.

Here are my twelve pages photographed together, a difficult job because of the size, I had to put them on the floor and go up a ladder to get them in the frame.

I started my calender pages with October and November 2012, the rest I made up as 2013 once the penny dropped and I realised  the calendar would be used next year!.  October and November will be completed with the correct year before I put my calender together,  below is a picture of  the calendar front and my replacement October page,  I will have to rush on with October as the New Year is quicky approaching.  The 2012 pages will be put at the back of the calendar so I can take a peek now and again.


ionabunny said...

Very nice Sylv. Well done. It looks lovely together. That's holding me up at the moment because mine took up a surprising amount of space when spread out on the floor and I had to take a series of photos and am trying to splice them tidily together. Hope to have it all sorted soon. You must be very pleased with the final result. Hope you are having a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you

Elaine said...

They look great all together. Really like your January and November is so bright and cheerful that it'll cheer anyone up on a dull wet day!! Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Gio said...

Love it!!! My fave is September.

Thanks for playing with us at CraftBarn :-)

lena-dailyscrap said...

Looking all great! What a lovely challenge here! Goos to get to know so many creative people and to see how different we all reacted on the themes ! Happy new year!

woodandfabric said...

The pages look beautiful all together! It was a great challenge! I also love the cover you made!
Have a creative and happy new year!

Craftyfield said...

Well done, the completed calendar looks great ! By the way, I also climb on a chair to take pictures... Happy New Year !

Julia S-W said...

I laughed about you up a ladder taking your photo! I only had to stand on a chair but that was tricky enough for me! Your pages look fantastic together and will bring you joy throughout the year, I'm sure. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and creative 2013.
Julia x

Scrapmate said...

A lovely calendar, with a fab cover page. I love your use of colour especially in November.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

All of your pages are fantastic, the cover looks great, too.
Wishing you a Wonderful and Happy Year 2013.

LindaS said...

Fantastic work. I really like the way you've been working with the differnt techniques and your colors and design is all over the top.

The Craft Barn said...

All looking fantastic!!!
Thank you for playing with us for all these weeks.
Happy new year